Montreal Police Finally Investigating David Mabus (UPDATE)

(UPDATE)Montreal police have arrested Dennis Markuze.

So it looks like the Montreal authorities are finally taking Dennis Markuze, AKA David Mabus, seriously enough to act.  (Thanks, Greg Laden.)

Markuze has spent the last several years spamming the inboxes and comment threads of various and sundry scientists and bloggers.  He tends to target skeptical, scientific, and atheist folks, although he’s not above assuming guilt by association and firing off some of his well-written and insightful prose verbal effluvia to anyone he finds interacting with his usual targets.

A typical Mabus missive might contain death threats, links to sites he thinks are somehow relevant, healthy doses of vulgarity and profanity, and possibly some random sprinkles of batshit crazy raving.  He generally confines himself to cyber-threats, but on at least one occasion he’s turned up at a skeptical conference in person.  There’s quite a bit of concern that he might eventually act on one of his threats.

One of his more >ahem< interesting threats was that he was going to crawl out of the TV and kill my associate Skippy, rather like the evil ghost girl from Ringu.

I'd have paid good coin to see David Mabus crawl out of a TV...
I'd have paid good coin to see David Mabus crawl out of a TV...

As it is, that didn’t happen.

Mabus is often characterized as a crazy extreme Christian, but I think it’s probably more accurate to say that he’s a guy with some serious issues who happens to be a Christian.

I hope that the authorities in Montreal are able to build a solid case against DM.  He clearly needs some help before he harms someone.  There should be no shortage of evidence against him, as many folks have forwarded his messages to the police.  (ObDisclosure – my comment and email filters don’t let much of his material through.  I kept a couple of emails for a while, but deleted them a while ago.)

I’m sure there will be more news to follow as the folks up north conduct their investigation.



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