Trying a Relaunch

After a couple of years away, I decided to take a stab at reworking this blog.

The first thing readers might note is that I’ve taken down a lot of older posts, and kept up the movie and book reviews.  That’s where I think I’ll put my focus going forward.  Some of the topics I spent a lot of time on in the past aren’t as interesting to me as they used to be, and some of the posts are just too old.  But the reviews are fairly timeless, so they stay.

Second, I’ve scrapped all the link lists that I used to have.  Again, lots of those are old and maybe defunct, so I’ll start fresh and gradually add some back.

I’ve got a few other things I’m thinking about trying here, but first I need to see if I can establish a rhythm and get back into a habit of writing.

So, OK…